The meeting (lively as always!) was still in full swing when I arrived at McSpadden Custom Homes so they had me join them early.

The major topic under discussion this week was Trade Quotes.

It seems that vendors who have contracted with them before will sometimes quote a higher price than a new vendor but there is a catch: the folks who have worked with McSpadden before understand the standard of

excellence that will be demanded (part of the McSpadden Approach). So in the end, the new vendor may have under bid and could end up needing to charge more because they will have to revisit the job so many times that it runs up their final bill. And the flip side to that or where the rubber meets the road? McSpadden has vendors who have been working with them for many years and continue to want to work with them. These vendors appreciate the opportunity to do excellent work at a fair price and to be associated with a McSpadden Custom Home!

Now let’s hear what the guys have been up to!

Mike’s custom home project is not as far along as Travis’ so we are really looking mostly at roofing. Our first photo shows the ice and water shield being applied – we do this before installing the aluminum flashing and shingles.

Mike says the framing punch work has begun, that the all waterproofing was installed and inspected on back screened porch, and that the back porch lightweight concrete was poured. Great news! The roofing and flashing details are completed and inspected. 

And Travis? Here are some highlights of where we were last week: In regards to that incredible mantle we mentioned a few weeks ago: the installation is done! Cleaners were scheduled to begin final clean; this is a rather involved process. Cool deck prep is underway – we will be applying cool deck first of next week. Roof was cleaned.

UPDATED TODAY: Travis’ Lake Wylie waterfront home was completed and the owners are moving in as I write. I’m sure there must be a tremendous feeling of accomplishment for Travis – this was a very unusual home design. We will be excited to hear next week where he is with his next custom home project.


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