Those are the words we loved to hear, weren’t they? And that can still ring true! Yesterday we went to the site of Travis’ waterfront project --- and it was a buzz with activity! Gorgeous 3 bd/3.5 bath custom home with an infinity pool, covered terrace, invisible railing, etc. We were all excited to see in person all the custom features; and enjoyed the incredible views of Lake Wylie from the master and living space. Move in for the home owners is about a week away so the house looks very finished.

I planned to show all kinds of photos of this very unique custom home but what I discovered about the McSpadden approach to home building is really too important not to share.

Custom home and design build: these terms speak to the design of the home – and a talented and innovative builder that can create what the homeowner desires, right? But what I realized yesterday is that with McSpadden you must also include their “standard of excellence in building and design” that can absolutely eclipse that of the homeowner. For example:

The Punch List: This happens at the end of the project and is of course where you go room to room, inside and out, and make a list of anything amiss and then correct everything on the list so that everything is right. The McSpadden approach to the Punch List can be described in two words: fearless and ruthless! They pick apart their own project! There are things the homeowner of even a custom home may not care the least about that will not be allowed by the team. Doug was quick to point out that there is not a “perfect” house but that you can demand a standard of excellence of your own work. Frankly, it was really inspiring.

Another example? The Night Walk Through. Travis will be doing this in a few days. This can show problems or flaws that would not be seen during the day. Why? So they can address the problems of course! Very, very few builders incorporate the Night Walk Through yet it is absolutely standard with these guys.

As I drove away I saw the McSpadden Custom Home sign in the front yard and I think I now understand. The owners of this beautiful home may live here for years, may sell it down the road, lots of people may love and own this home for years to come . . . but it will ALWAYS be a McSpadden Custom Home. And that doesn’t just mean something: that means everything.


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