Everyone is talking and the energy is palpable this afternoon in the offices at McSpadden Custom Homes.

It is a sunny afternoon and the 2 dogs in the office (Mia and Abby) are relaxing. The team is just finishing up their weekly meeting and I can hear everyone voicing an opinion on the topic at hand. There is a great dynamic atmosphere where everyone’s opinion is valued. Speaks volumes about working at McSpadden Custom Homes!


Today we are kicking off a year long project where we will be dipping weekly into the world of custom home building in Lake Wylie. Right now the team is working on 8 custom homes/projects (some wooded sites/some waterfront) so the updates from Mike and Travis are going to be all over the place! 

First let’s check in with Doug, Deb and Laurie. Doug is in high spirits (as always!) and is working on 3 upcoming sales presentations. Three more projects would be exciting! Laurie is busy with invoicing, budgets and cash flow: she makes sure everyone gets paid!

The highlight of her week so far was ordering all the McSpadden shirts for the team to wear this summer. Deb is setting up the vendor meetings – this is where the client goes and chooses cabinets, appliances, tile, plumbing fixtures, etc. After the meetings they sit back down with the client to make sure they are still on budget!

And now the update from the field on some of the things that were accomplished last week.
On one of Mike’s projects he says the framing is well underway which is amazing considering they were just under roof on April 9th! This home is over 9,600 sqft – obviously a lot of custom home design went into this home! You can see here that the retaining walls are in the works as well and should be completed next week.

Mike says this photo shows the proper flashing details for achieving a zero step entry into the house. Concrete was just poured this morning, so it hasn’t been properly finished in the photo.  

Next let’s check in with Travis and see some of the activities he was involved with last week! In the picture below you see the work in the kitchen where the tile backsplash has been installed. Also, all cabinetry/tops have been and all appliances have been installed. The Cork wallpaper was installed in powder bath. And very exciting! The mantle is now on site, and we will finalize installation method first of next week (from Travis “This is by far the coolest mantle I have ever seen!”) This project is really about finished! Landscaping is nearing completion – we hope to complete first of next week.

Travis’ other project is a wonderful waterfront custom home on Lake Wylie but it is in the earliest stages. I mean earliest stages as in: “Submitted for Building Permit on 4/30”!
Hope to have ground breaking pictures in a few weeks!


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