From start to finish, our goal is to provide a completely transparent & seamless home-building experience. With every project, our new homeowners can expect weekly project updates with images and next steps! We invite you to join us as we turn this lot into the Perfect Lakefront Home.


August 4th, 2023

Moving into the final stages, we're nearing the point where we'll bring back trades to work on any imperfections we identify.

The gas meter is now installed on the house, and we hope to have the power on soon!

But, most importantly.. Our fireplace is in and does this not look like a perfect spot to wind down? 

July 28th, 2023

Back again with a short update on this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L lakefront build.


The plumbers are nearly done with the trim outs, and the HVAC and electrician will also be finishing up soon. 

Next up, Appliances and backspace :) 

July 21st, 2023

The plumbers are making great strides with the trim installations, and the HVAC and electrician are finalizing their work. We completed the metal roofing and interior trim for the front door.

Up Next:

  • The Siding team is scheduled to finish the exterior siding around the front door next week.
  • With the Trees now removed, our Stump Guy is scheduled to grind and treat to ensure no grade interruption!

Friday, July 14th

After a long 9-month wait, we finally received and installed the front door this week! I don't know about our readers, but I AM OBSESSED!

Back to business; we've started on the kitchen with InTown, a local charlotte countertops company we have partnered with on this build. Stay tuned to see this kitchen come to life! 


June 30th, 2023

Progress has been made on multiple fronts this week. The water and sewer lines have been successfully run to the house, ensuring the necessary utilities are in place. Additionally, the graders have been working on achieving the final grade for the landscape. Moving inside, we installed the stainless steel for the hood and made progress on the island. 

Next Week: As we move into the next week, we have a couple of key tasks lined up. The graders will return to the site to finalize the grade for the landscape. We also have the metal roof scheduled for installation later in the week. Furthermore, we need to confirm if we will be meeting on July 5th here at the office with the landscapers.

Friday, June 23rd:

Another productive week has passed, and we are making steady progress on the project. The cabinet tops have been installed, with only the island and powder room remaining. Electrical trim outs have begun, and we are nearing completion with the devices and fixtures. However, there were some questions and concerns regarding the portfolio, owner-supplied list, and the light you provided. We have sent you an email detailing the issues and would appreciate your prompt response.

Once all the cabinet tops are installed, we will have the plumbers start their part of the trim outs. The HVAC contractor, although slightly behind schedule, is scheduled for HVAC trim outs. Looking ahead, next week the grader will visit the site to set the final grade for the landscapers, and the water and sewer lines will be run to the street.

June 15th:

We're providing you with an early update this week as our team will be out of the office on Friday and Monday. The gutters have been successfully installed, and progress has been made on the framing and stainless steel insert for the hood. We have also arranged for a grader to establish the final grade work for the landscape next week. The installation of the cabinet tops is scheduled for early next week, and we are coordinating with Ketta to provide you with pictures of the remnants for the laundry room. Additionally, the electrician and HVAC contractor are ready to start trimming the house out, with the electricians scheduled for the end of next week.

June 2nd:

We accomplished several tasks this week, including the installation of flooring throughout the house. The choice of color has proven to be excellent, and it looks fantastic. We have also begun installing the door hardware, with the exception of the entry door from the garage, which will remain temporarily locked for construction purposes. The trim work has progressed as well, with the trim guy installing square shoe molding and completing areas around cabinets.


April 6th:

Exciting progress has been made on the project! The stone on the front porch has been laid correctly, and any issues with the brick masons have been rectified. The trim work is still ongoing, with specific attention given to the foyer openings and the large opening from the great room to the kitchen. The bunk room has been built per plan without a closet, while the 4-bedroom configuration remains intact. Adjustments can be made to the office closet shelf upon request. Cabinetry delivery has been delayed, but the exterior trim and siding have been completed by the siding team. Railing measurements for the back porch and interior stairs will be taken next week, and discussions with the gas and power companies are scheduled to finalize the underground utilities.

March 31st:

The siding work has been progressing well, and the house is beginning to look stunning. We appreciate your feedback on the color scheme and encourage you to let us know your thoughts. Additionally, thank you, Chuck, for reaching out and sharing your opinions. We value your input as we strive to create a project that exceeds your expectations.

We hope you enjoyed this comprehensive update on the project's progress. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to move forward with the construction.


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