From start to finish, our goal is to provide a completely transparent & seamless home building experience. With every project, our new homeowners can expect weekly project updates with images and next steps! We invite you to join us as we turn this Cramerton Beauty into a dream home!  

October 29th, 2021

And that's a wrap! 

Scroll down 👇 to see this amazing lake front property turn into a dream home for an equally amazing family!


October 15th, 2021

Some additional photo's to share as we get closer to final walkthrough! 

  • The gutter downspout was moved this week and several of the notes from the inspection report was handled. Many of those items were already being addressed, so it really wasn’t much extra for me to handle on my end.
  • The deck railing was re-installed and looks great!

October 8th, 2021

Quick update this week - we couldn't wait to show how beautiful these basement floors are!

October 1st, 2021



Over the past couple of weeks, we have been wrapping up some odds & ends to bring this house to a perfect home for our wonderful clients.

  • Front doors are stained and looking awesome with the wood porch ceiling!
  • All closets have been completed, less a couple of drawers we sent back to production for a re-work. (Our PM is a perfectionist😊)
  • All of the shower glass has now been installed and the right panel will have two robe hooks installed - can we say CONVENIENCE
  • The dry-B-low system was installed on earlier this week and boy does it look amazing. This will serve as a super place to hang out even on a rainy day. 
  • The painters have wrapped up the rear exterior painting and matched all of the door & window trim. 
  • The deck railing was installed for our final inspections next week. Once workmanship has been inspected we will send out for final powder-coating and re-install for the final final inspection. 

Stay tuned for our next update! 

September 17th, 2021

We are getting closer and closer to being all done.

✅ All final flooring has been installed with the final coat installed on the basement slab coming int he next 2 weeks. 

✅ All of the closet shelving was installed this week and the guys are working on the trex decking.

✅ The railing has been measured and is being built

✅ The mason's are re-grouting and replacing some of the riser stones to correct some imperfections

✅  Painter's are scheduled to visit over the weekend to exact match the color to the beautiful floors installed a few weeks back. 

September 10th, 2021

WE'RE GETTING CLOSE! Boy do we have a big update for you next week!

For this week, we've been able to successfully wrap up some odds and ends, including the epoxy flooring for the garage & basement and some final touches to the master bath!

Over the next couple of days, we'll be wrapping up

  • Cabinet Installation
  • Carpet Installation
  • Trex Decking
  • Deck Railing
  • Columns & Boxing on Front PorchCabinets have been installed!


September 3rd, 2021 

Big couple of weeks on this Cramerton, NC Custom Build.

  • Stone is now completed on both Fireplaces
  • Plumbers have completed their work and and have confirmed you now have hot water! 
  • Garage Doors have been installed and are fully operational. 
  • Dropdown Screen (bonus feature) has been installed. 
  • Cabinets are almost ready. 

 Over the next week, we will being installing the Trex Decking and Carpet the following week. 


August 27th, 2021

It’s been another busy week. The water is on the house, but it may be and should be turned off in the mechanical room. The house is powered up and the AC is running.  We got the main floor HW installed and covered with the trim & molding guys back early next week to wrap up. 

Looking ahead: 

  • Landscapers will be doing some additional grade work tomorrow.
  • The cabinet guys will be back in Monday to continue working on the cabinet trim. The doors should be ready for install around Sept 7th.
  • Garage doors will be installed on Monday.
  • Masons will be back to complete the FP stones Tuesday.
  • Gutters should be installed later next week.


July 23rd, 2021

Happy FRIDAY! The stucco guys are wrapping up and with the scaffolding removed, you can really start to see the beauty of this home! 

With sheetrock in final prep, the painters have began to wrap all cabinets, counters and floors. From here, they'll begin preping the walls for paint and will hopefully have a fully painted home by the first week of August!

Moving outside, the roofers are just about done, with the exception of the metal roofing on the dormers (Rain Storms will never sound better!)

As we move into the final phases, we have the driveway and final stone work scheduled for next week (weather permitting) and will soon move to the finishes!

July 9th, 2021

Busy, busy, busy …….that’s what’s up at this Cramerton Escape!

 Tile floors have been installed and covered (for protection)

The shower walls are being completed this week also. (may be Monday before all grout is done)

The stairs are now completed with the beautiful handrail.  Trim should be done by the end of this week with cabinet installation complete by next. 

Outside the stucco guys have the brown scratch coat completed and have started the second phase wall base materials. You can see the first coat process vs the second coat process in the below.  Final process should start Monday I would think we may see some color by the middle of the following week.

At this stage in the build, we also begin to install temporary door locks! This is when we want to be sure no outside patrons are touring our new home builds. It's never really been at problem, but it's better safe than sorry! 


June 18th, 2021

The sheetrock is now hung!

Outside, the stone masons have completed the front and are working to wrap up porch stone work by the end of next week. 


June 10th, 2021

GRADING IS COMPLETE. It's hard to see it now, but this yard is going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! **Spoiler Alert, Stone will be delivered next week!

Moving inside, we've wrapped up insulation, passed our pre-drywall inspections and are set to start hanging drywall early next week!



May 28th, 2021

We are now completed with ALL rough ins’!  The green you see on the studs in the photos is called “Borate” and is the termite treatment. All basement walls receive this and any other walls close to the ground level, so you will see this in the garage and some of the first floor walls. We too see the value in protecting your investment and from unnecessary headaches!

 Next week, we will be complete all required inspections up to this point! We've been able to make up quite a bit of time from rain!! 

Once inspections are completed:

  • We'll begin insulating your new home and then starting sheetrock.
  • The front porch and garage slab was poured Monday morning with the weather watch seals.
  • Outside, we'll work to wrap up the final tree removal and start to roll in dirt & grading for landscaping!


May 21st, 2021

We've spent majority of the week working with our electricians & plumbers to get wiring and plumbing installed! (We actually had 6 plumbers, and 3 HVAC guys knocking this out for our upcoming inspections!) 

I had four electricians on site today and ALOT of wiring has now been pulled through out. We actually had 6 plumbers, and 3 HVAC guys there too, so we are wrapping up the week with the full house!

Looking ahead: 

  • We should wrap up the tree removal and grading next week. 
  • The garage slab and front porch will be poured by Monday. 
  • The PME guys should be able to wrap up with the rough in’s by the end of next week.
  • Both FP’s should be installed Monday.



May 14th, 2021

We are underway with the PME Rough ins. That is Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical (starts Monday!).

Cabinets have been laid off in the floor and most of the blocking has also been installed.  

Framing is just about wrapped up with a few final additions to take care of.

The windows we installed on Tuesday, so we can start to plan insulation, sheetrock & PME for the coming weeks. 

At this stage, we generally like to schedule another full walk-through to ensure our new homeowners are fully apprised of our status & to address any tweaks. (after all, it is your home! We want to make sure you love EVERY little thing!)


April 23rd, 2021

🌞 - This week has been absolutely beautiful! We love Spring time around Lake Wylie for New Construction.

With this AMAZING weather, we have been able to make HUGE progress on this build!

The new roof is moving right along with the goal of having it fully framed out by the end of next week. 

Concurrently, we will begin installing new Windows & Doors and begin adding a face to this dream home!

April 16th, 2021

We are moving right along with the framing and now have the garage walls standing, and floor is decked. We've even progressed onto the second floor!

With the garage now up the footprint is coming together. With the roof scheduled for next week, our goal is to have the Framing Stage completed by the 1st week of May! (Let's pray the weather stays on our side!)

Moving outside, our grading team is looking to wrap up backfilling & tree removal by the middle of May. 


April 9th, 2021

This new house is really starting to take form! Generally, in this step of our Home Building Process, we begin to do preliminary inspections with our clients and while our design team goes to work helping with interior selections! It's always so excited to see the beautiful options our team will use to turn this into a home!


March 31st, 2021

Basement is now framed and we got a little blessing of sunshine! 🌞

The rain is still very much involved in this process, but we're making some good headway! 

Next Up: 

  1. Basement Backfill For Safety
  2. Continuation of the framing! 

March 26, 2021

Still dealing with some rain issues, but that's not slowing the team down!

Framing is well underway with the floor system & backfill upon the horizon! 

March 19, 2021

April Showers... Came early this year. We've been battling rain over the past couple of weeks, but have still been able to make some considerable progress! 

The final slab prep is completed and the county inspections have all passed! Weather permitting, we will look to pour our slab early next week and move onto framing! 

March 8, 2021

The weather has been our friend again this week. We were able to have the steel tied, walls formed and also poured & forms stripped.


Next Up:

  • Plumbers for slab prep 
  • Water proofing of walls 
  • Electricians for slab prep
  • Inspections

We will then start slab grade prep to try and pour the basement slab once inspections have performed!

....then onto framing!! 

February 27th, 2021

WOOHOOO! We finally have some sunshine! 🌞

Footings have been poured & signed off! As the weather continues to open up, we'll continue to lay the foundation & wall panels!

February 13th, 2021

We now have the lot staked, but it is super wet on site and I met with our footing / foundation guys Tuesday (Weather is holding our project a bit, but theres still plenty for our crews to work on!)  

Duke power has completed the installation of the power pad, so we now have a temporary pole installed and will get that inspected next week to get some power to the site. 


January 22, 2021

With the rain gone, we were able to wrap up the site clearing and begin cutting the basement slab area. During this process, we have also been focused on some extra grading work to ensure this homeowners new site is absolutely PERFECT and installed silt fences to protect the rest of the lot!

Up Next:

  • Driveway Grading
  • House Re-staked for footings



January 15th, 2021

We are still dealing with the slick surface and sporadic weather delays, but the show must go on! With just a few more trees to remove, we'll start shifting into staking and cutting the basement! 

Cramerton Escape Job Site Clearing

January 8th, 2021

As with any project, our groundbreaking process starts with site clearing, surveying & soil testing.

This project being no exception, over the past week, we have begun to take down trees & haul off property. As we work towards beginning to lay a foundation, we will re-stake & start to grade for the basement.

Concurrently, all underground utilities have been marked and the local power company is set to bring power & water to our site. 

Up Next: 

  • Utilities Brought to house
  • Wrap Up the site clearing
  • Grading & Foundation Prep.


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