As with all projects, we strive to provide the most transparent and seamless home building process one could ask for. Follow along our journey to build this one of a kind home right here in beautiful Belmont, NC. 

September 28, 2020

It’s been a fun ride and the schedule has ran very well. We did have some days that weather played a big part, but we were able to press on and make that time up. Our new homeowners have a beautiful home that we can all be proud of!

With plans to close this week, we couldn't have asked for a better family to work with! 

Let us know what you think!





September 18th, 2020


This is the next to last weekly update you will be receiving. It’s been a great trip building this home and its really turned out beautiful! The cleaners have now cleaned the entire home and will come back 1 more time for a light dusting just before closing!

As we prepare for the big day, the painters will be running a final pass through to touch up the walls, trim, deck, handrails, and any other blemishes. (Paint Perfection!) 


Home Orientation has been Scheduled! As we mentioned before, this is such an important step in our process to ensure our new homeowners know how to fully operate the entire home! We also use this to answer any questions around upkeep, functionality & added features. 

Stay Tuned for Final (whole) Home Pictures!


September 12th, 2020


We met with this homeowner last week to start running through the final finish updates. Additionally, the house has been inspected and Approved!

Master Tile, Landscaping, Roofing, among many other little item are done. As we move towards the finish line, we like to do several internal quality control reviews to ensure all elements of this home is at 100%. 

Just before closing, we'll perform a final pressure wash, touchups to paint and a move in cleaning. 


On Tuesday, we're set to perform our PR#4 and ensure we're lined up to close at the end of this month! 

The week before close, our team likes to host a new home orientation to familiarize our homeowners with the entire house and all of the appliances!

We will meet on the 15th for the PR #4 and be one step closer to the closing. I will send a separate email to let you know the amount owned on changes/extras that hasn’t been paid so you are prepared to handle.  I think we can look at the closing being on the 29th or 30th.  We will have an orientation walk through the week of 21st -25th.( This is where I will show you all things about your house and discuss some move in expectations.) 

 We've said it before, but this truly is the most existing time in the process. Moving through the finish line is where we get to see our clients faces light up and really feel the fruits of our labor. 

We'll have one more update on this project before close!


September 3rd, 2020

We were able to work with the ARB to get approvals on some final customizations.

Looking into next week, we have the new sod set to be installed Friday and the exterior rock being dropped just after.

Moving inside, stair stain has been completed and a final cleaning has been scheduled!  

All appliances are now installed and have been tested. A/C is working and has been tested. All plumbing is installed and has been tested.  

We are waiting on the tile for the master tub area to come in and once we have it we will complete the backsplash.

This truly is the final stretch with this homeowner set to close in the coming weeks! 

August 28, 2020

Final Paint walk through was completed! Nothing like a freshly painted home! 😊

Over the weekend, this lucky family will be able to run through the house with a fine tooth comb inspecting ever nook & cranny! 

Front doors were stained today and they look good! 

Next Up: 

  • Electricians are finalizing the last few Fixture hookup
  • Painters will be back next week to make any last touchups

August 14, 2020

Over the past week, we have been able to start working on the final touches! Fire place logs were set inside on Monday and the painters have worked all week on the inside. They have also stained the porch ceilings.

We have to make some final adjustments to the cabinet at the cook top with the goal of completing in the next week or so! 

Next Up: 

  • Paint
  • Kitchen Hood 
  • Garage doors will be installed on Monday
  • Brick masons should be installing front porch steps in the next few days



August 10, 2020

244 Seen Oaks Back Deck

One of the most exciting times of a New Custom Home Project is watching the home come to life; and this project is no exception. Over the past few months, we have been working around the clock to build the perfect home for the perfect clients.

As we move closer to the finish line, we have successfully installed new Cable Railings. Perfect for morning coffee from the deck!  

Back Porch with Cable Railing 

Moving inside, the Mantle has been installed and is ready for grout & client decor!

Next up: 

  • Driveway Prep & Pour
  • Stain & Finish applied to the steps
  • Front Porch Pavers

July 24th, 2020

We are moving right along with the inside. The stone FP is now complete and basement flooring was installed this week. The AC is now on and most all light and circuits have been tested. Electricians have some loose ends to handle and will do this next week.  I have the cabinet guys coming first of next week to install all the drawers, doors and panels

Next week the trim carpenters will be back to install all the shoe molding and correct a few things I have sent them on a list.  We should be bale to wrap up installing door handles also. 

Railing has been installed today on the back deck, but without cables this still doesn’t met code, so doors are locked.

Next Up:

  • Glass shower
  • Gutters Ordered & Installed
  • Appliances Installed
  • Back Deck Rail Cabling



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