Beautiful. If you are building a custom home or you want to in the future, do you want it to be beautiful? Some people might care more about modern or that it has some groovy aspect like a creek running through it. But I would argue that beautiful is something you can wake up to everyday and be quite content with.

The house I saw this week is the lakefront cottage style home that McSpadden Custom Homes is building on Lake Wylie.

It is not finished (it will probably be finished by Christmas) – the ecru custom cabinets were just installed in the kitchen, the bannister has just been placed by the stairwell, and the windows have all just been framed on the inside. But it is already just beautiful. The details are really starting to emerge and I must admit it is like seeing a garden blossom into its full regalia. Ten foot ceilings downstairs (15 ft. ceiling upstairs!) and the light wood flooring – they decided to go with a clear seal instead of a stain so it has that light, beachy look and with the high ceiling it is all very airy. The trim on the arts and crafts windows is wide and makes them look like they are truly framing the lovely lake views like pictures. Mike Jenkins, the project manager for this house, is walking through with me. Every here and there he stops and checks something (something about trim in the dining room or the pocket doors into the office/pantry) and if he isn’t completely pleased he is calling out to one of the tradesmen to show them and have them change or fix it to his liking. It must be something to be working so hard to get the project completed on time yet always ALWAYS looking at it with fresh eyes to see how it could be better. If you’ve been reading this blog then you recognize this as part of the McSpadden Approach.

So we head out onto the back porch – the columns are up but it has not yet been screened – Mike shows me where the sink is and where the grill will be. It was not in the original house plans but he had an idea so he told the homeowner he’d be happy to build her a brick chimney for the grill. This is more work for him plus he has to rip out some of the brick he has already placed. But it will be better. That McSpadden Approach again – maybe a mindset more than a method?



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