Must be Tuesday afternoon because there was another lively meeting going on at McSpadden Custom Homes!


Travis Peeler had the floor and brother, he was on fire! Apparently the home owner of a water front home (on Lake Wylie) that Travis is the Project Manager for had been talking with one of the Trades at the home site and making rather large changes and additions with him.

I need to make this perfectly clear: this can’t happen.

It is central to the core of the McSpadden Process that everything is funneled through the project manager. Can you see the can of worms this would open up if this were not the case? For one – the contracts and calendar are all in place. Any changes have to be factored in by the Project Manager so that overall we have a consistency of information: for example, making a change that forces a delay in the next step in the process not only adds time to the building schedule but then, you know, maybe the Tile and Flooring installation folks have to be rescheduled for a later date, etc., but they are already booked. And if not informed the Trades would show up and not be able to do their job. How could we ever stay on schedule if this were allowed?
Another problem this would cause, that could be huge, is in the budget. And frankly this could very well be a McSpadden thing and another builder wouldn’t care. But at McSpadden there are no surprises waiting at the end. There is no “oh yeah, you remember that time you told the brick mason to spell your initials in a complimentary colored brick in the driveway? Well that added $17K – didn’t he tell you?” That is simply not how it is done. And believe me, home owners are strongly advised of this rule when they contract with McSpadden. But it does happen occasionally – and it sounds like Travis, in the best interests of the home owner of course, took care of it quite decisively.
Next week I’ll be touring a lake front home site with Travis – it has been over a month since I’ve been to this particular custom home site so I’m really looking forward to seeing the progress! I promise pictures!


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