Something different about Doug. That’s my blog this week.


I want to tell you something about Doug that you just can’t get from reading his bio or even from reading the interview on the McSpadden Custom Homes website. If you’ve been reading the previous blogs then you have certainly heard about the McSpadden Approach which is really the systematized product of Doug’s obsession with quality.


I think it is ok to use the word obsession here (Doug McSpadden would not know how to embrace “good enough”) doing their best, in every situation, is what the McSpadden Team is all about.

So something different about Doug. Well, one thing that doesn’t come through in other writings is that he is just the nicest guy in the world. He and Laurie are so incredibly busy but you wouldn’t know it to meet them. Always right in the present, Doug listens intently and stays on topic with a laser focus. After one of my first business meetings with them I mentioned in passing that I was considering Gaston Day School for my 8th grader. “That’s where our sons went to school” said Doug. Well, we all just sat back down! They were both so happy to take the time to share their opinions and feedback – it was evident to me that this type of caring, generous attitude crossed over into their business lives as well.

Something else different about Doug? Well, and this might actually surprise you, he can wear any hat in his company. And he loves that! He really does know how everything works, where everything is – if a client calls and Deb is away: Doug can handle it. If a trade calls asking about an invoice: Doug can handle it. From reception to accounting to trades to inspections to grading to roofing to handing the owner the keys to their new McSpadden Custom Home: Doug can do it. It is such a confidence builder for the home owner! They know they are in capable hands with a person who absolutely knows the process and can facilitate all the components – no matter how small.

And one last different thing about Doug? He is always learning, growing and stretching. I believe Doug sees himself as a work in progress. And, I think he applies the broader aspect of the McSpadden Approach – the aspiration to the highest quality – to himself.


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