Rain. Will it ever stop raining? For custom homes that have not been “roofed” this is a major problem for two big reasons: a) the project is stalled and b) the home is left out in the elements! If you read last week’s blog you know about other major problems with delays as well.

But this is not the case with the lake front cottage style custom home on beautiful Lake Wylie that I toured yesterday with project manager Mike Jenkins. Storms or no storms this house is moving along full speed ahead!

It was just a few weeks ago that we were talking about walls being finished. Well hold on to your hat because we are way beyond that now! All the wood floors are in – beautiful hardwoods that will be stained later in the process but you already are getting the warm feel they exude with the sun peeking through the arts and crafts windows between storm clouds! Tile floors are being finished this week. The homeowner chose gorgeous 24” tiles for all the bathrooms; and laid on the diagonal they whisper luxury when you see them.
The tile in the showers will also be completed this week – I saw some very interesting custom tile work in the sun room’s in suite bathroom. Beautiful.

And cabinets! Yes, cabinets are already being installed (some even stained) and you will note in the picture that they are protected (remember: McSpadden Approach) so that no workmen might accidentally mar them while walking by.
One last surprise (for me)! The electrical outlets are all in and Mike says he will be calling soon to have power turned on! From no walls to being able to plug in and turn on a lamp in just a few weeks seems astounding. But apparently this is no surprise at all to the McSpadden team. Every custom home has a work calendar where every detail from grading the property to the tiniest shower tile detail is planned and executed with precision. All part of being a McSpadden Custom Home.


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