The team was cheerfully chatting when I arrived at McSpadden Custom Homes this afternoon – they were just wrapping up their meeting which was perfect as today is my first onsite visit to a home in progress and I was anxious to get going!
Mike Jenkins, the project manager, piled me into his big black truck and off we went. This waterfront custom home is in a gated community on Lake Wylie with lush trees and other foliage lining the streets.

We parked on the street and walking up to the house I was first struck by how noisy it is was! There were workmen and big trucks everywhere – there was really a constant hum of machinery.

First let me set the stage as far as where we are in the process: the house has passed all inspections regarding rough-ins so now they are busy with insulation. Once that is completed (and passes inspection) then they will hang the sheetrock – which is already on site and ready to go! So we can still see through the walls – which is how Mike could show me details about the insulation.

For example: inside the garage (where you walk from garage into the house) I could see how they had to create an exterior type wall in the interior of the house so that it could be properly insulated. Then he showed me how the walls around a powder room, right off from the living room, were also being insulated but not for heat and cold but for sound! (Very polite I thought!) He then showed me the cast iron drops(pipe) on the same powder room wall – this is for sound as well. The sound of water coming from the upper floor will be more muffled in the cast iron. These details really help pull the picture together don’t they: of the type of stylish, luxury home this is going to be.
Another couple of interesting features of this house are the skylights in the screened porch and a Tornado Room. The screened porch is quite large with a gorgeous view looking out onto Lake Wylie but the skylights are fantastic! They will make this porch a sanctuary for the homeowner and a favorite destination for every guest.

And a Tornado Room! The house has an expansive unfinished basement and in the very middle under the front door is a room with 13 ft. high walls that are 10 inches thick made from poured concrete! It could be used as a safe room, or wine cellar for that matter, but we do get some storms in the Lake Wylie and Charlotte area so having that room is certainly a peace of mind feature!
Thanks Mike for the great tour. See you in two weeks!


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