Breaking ground on a new waterfront  sanctuary in Charlotte NC is indeed a magnificent event!
Like seeing the fountains come alive at The Bellagio, in Las Vegas, it really can send chills up your spine as you visualize where this new home will sit perched on the hillside and the views open up to Lake Wylie, below.
The rains held back last week to allow Project Manager, Travis Peeler to maximize the flow of pre construction activities.

The new custom built home foot print has been defined and the cleared brush stacked and ready to be ground into a fine mulch to stabilize the surrounding area during construction.
Only the largest tree stumps that cannot be chipped will be taken from the home site. The Driveway slope has been Carefully surveyed and designed to minimize the developments impact on the environment. McSpadden's Team has thought long and hard about how trucks will impact the land during construction and ultimately how the homeowner Will want to feel and experience their entry once the home is complete.
Rip Rap Stone and gravel are currently arriving on site to stabilize the shoreline and the base of the homesite at the waters edge.
In addition, a Sediment pond has been created to handle the rain run off on and throughout the property. This will minimize any erosion And washouts during construction and before final landscaping has stabilized the property.
Stay tuned as the Shoreline stabilization process continues into the next 2 weeks. Prior to construction,  the land will be cleared of dead Limbs and trees that have fallen and look unsightly.
Then, hang on, as you will start to notice the final grading complete and the onset of Construction!


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