McSpadden Custom Homes introduces Signature Home Floor Plans and state of the art Design Center for our Custom Clients! 

Doug McSpadden’s business model, incorporating core disciplines of design, construction and real estate, has not changed over the decades, but his vision for the future has evolved to address new market needs. As McSpadden Custom Homes celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, McSpadden and his team are launching an initiative to make custom home building a creative yet streamlined experience for clients.

It all began in 1978 when

McSpadden embarked on his journey with an honor’s degree in architecture. After graduating, he secured his real estate licenses and developed construction experience with a respected custom home builder. During that time, he began to realize clients did not need three contractors when one company – his – could meet their needs.

In 1987, McSpadden opened his custom home business, producing beautiful homes to owners’ specifications throughout the Lake Wylie area. The company integrated its philosophy of service to its clients and the community.

“I love Lake Wylie,” McSpadden said. “The river – it’s a place of solace and recreation.”  He also noted the rapid growth of the area after the downturn and financial bust following the 2007 recession.

As he listened to post-recession clients, concepts of universal design, maintenance-free living, right-sizing, building sciences, flexible living, cost-effectiveness and simplification began to dominate the residential design and construction world, he explained. New home clients who had “lived large” were now looking to downsize and simplify while retaining the custom features they were used to. 

McSpadden’s team is putting into place new tools to help clients build their dream homes at a quicker pace and better price than traditional custom building.

“Neither a production home in a production community nor a high-end custom home with all the bells and whistles will fit the bill” for many of the retiring boomers and millennials starting families, he notes.

To fit today’s changing market, McSpadden will soon open its new Signature Home Division and unveil its new Design and Selections Center, built exclusively for its clients. The center will be conveniently located in the McSpadden building on Nautical Drive in Lake Wylie.

At the center, clients will be assisted by a professional interior design and selection specialist to choose just the right look for their homes. Side-by-side comparisons of materials, colors and other details can help streamline the building process to ensure cost-effective, timely delivery of each new home.

“Clients can start from scratch, choose from our existing plans or bring their own. The McSpadden team’s expertise, coupled with their clients’ desires, can lead to new homes with great features at more affordable prices,” he said. He wants people to know that “you don’t have to limit your freedom of choices.”

 Article By Beth Bargar

Let us help you streamline the multitude of decisions involved in building your custom home in our state of the art design center right here in Lake Wylie.

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