McSpadden Homes is proud to celebrate 35 years!


Christopher Phelps and Associates“Doug is great to work with. He doesn’t just follow the blueprints. He understands architectural styles and has a good feel for the finishes that are appropriate for each style. He takes the time to meet with us and our clients so we’re all on the same page.

That gives us a good feel for how much everything will cost and ensures the clients get what they want.

The quality of construction McSpadden offers is very good.

Frank Snodgrass, Building/Graphics Architecture“We’ve worked with Doug since his company began and always found him to be very conscious of the quality of his work. His architectural background gives him a different perspective from that of other builders.

He’s very careful that any changes are consistent with the scale and proportion of the house and are consistent with the basic architectural style.

All our clients who have built with Doug have been very pleased with the quality of their homes.”


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