McSpadden Homes is proud to celebrate 35 years!


Thomas Cloninger,I’ve known Doug for many years and knew he represents quality in everything he does. He takes pride in his work, and he builds only a limited number of homes every year. For those reasons, we chose him to build our house, and we were not disappointed.

We got to know the crews working on our house, and they really took ownership of the project. They were very skilled, and they showed extra diligence in their workmanship.

Drs. Eric & Fariha Feinberg“You know we were working from square one, every step of the way, every time we got a new draft from the architect, and so when it came time to build, there were no surprises.  It was real smooth.”

John and Lisa Morris“He could adapt with any kind of new concepts, new products, unusual requests about how to solve a problem that we might have.”

Richard LaVecchia“I mean the house is 3 years old and I’ve never had one single thing Doug had to come back and fix.  When you get a builder that you don’t even need a punch list for...that’s a compliment.”

Johnny Nichols“The company was very good to work with. Their quality was excellent, and the total time frame was just as they promised. They were in constant communication, and they were very sensitive to resolving any problems we had. Doug was always as good as his word.”

“McSpadden is very methodical during the start up stage of the building process…. This process took about 3 months to complete and by the time we finished, we knew there would be no surprises.”

“Doug is a longtime customer and friend of mine. That, plus his reputation as a fine home builder, led me to choose him. Building a house with Doug was better than I expected, in terms of both speed and quality. He stayed on top of everything, and he and his staff did a super job. If I were building again, I’d certainly choose him.”

“Doug is a great builder. I was highly impressed. He was very thorough and very professional. We knew going in what to expect. I’ve never dealt with anyone better. It’s nice to have your builder as your friend when you finish your home. He was and still is my friend.”


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